Meeting with Dr Wiem Bouaziz Zouaoui co-founder of Periosystem

1- Hello Doctor, could you tell us a little about your background and how your interest in periodontics has grown over the years?

I am Dr. Wiem Bouaziz, I am a dental surgeon specialized in periodontology. I have been living in France for about ten years and I work in a clinic in Trocadero.

After getting my MD degree in 2006, I was lucky enough to be able to assist different specialists (prosthetics, dental esthetics, periodontology, implantology ) and I quickly understood that I wanted to focus on periodontology, which is my favorite sector.

Following this, I decided to multiply the training opportunities in order to strengthen my basic theoretical bases and my practice.

I thus obtained my first diploma in Periodontology implantology in Strasbourg and then followed the formation of the European Federation of Periodontology of which I was the first graduate in 2012.

I have always had a penchant for surgery that monopolizes most of my practice.

2- How was the software Perioline born? How did you come up with the idea of creating it?

It was during my research project for my periodontal diploma that I came up with the idea of computerized periodontal Charting software.

At the sight of the amount of Chartings in paper format that I had accumulated, the need for a software that records data as the exam progressed proved to be more than essential.

With the help of my husband, a computer engineer, we thought about developing a software that allows for fast data acquisition and considerable time savings.

3- Can you briefly introduce us to Perioline?

PerioLine is an ergonomic and innovative periodontal charting software that combines efficiency and gain of time.

Our software is fully customizable to meet the different practice habits of our users and can adapt to different formats of screens, tablets, computers or smartphones.

Perioline allows the automatic calculation of statistics in real time (risk hexagon, periodontal risk, recommended re-evaluation rhythm) and offers the possibility of carrying out charting only using voice recognition.

PerioLine’s functionalities are constantly evolving thanks to the suggestions and involvement of our clients spread all over France and around the world.

4- What are the specific contributions that Perioline brings to specialized practitioners or general practitioners whose practice is oriented towards Periodontology compared to other software on the market?

Perioline is part of the search for a complete and easy software that changes the work habits and daily reflections of periodontists. It also affects the patient and the proposed treatments.

Perioline is very interested in the training of students and gives considerable importance to academic partnerships through numerous collaborative projects with many universities and associations: The University of Colombia, Diderot University, SFCO, SFPIO between others.

5- What are the most notable advances in software today in terms of innovation?

Perioline is the perfect alloy between dentistry and technology.

Its designers mission is to put IT progress at the service of practitioners in order to bring them more efficiency and simplicity in their practice and thus ensure the highest quality of patient care.

The main technological innovations of our software are: voice and gesture recognition.

Thanks to Perioline, the practitioner has the opportunity to dictate his dental chart, print his chart in PDF and send it to his correspondents.

He can also control Perioline remotely and access all his patient data, by performing simple hand gestures.

6- What are your dreams and plans for Perioline today?

Our goal today is to establish ourselves firmly in France, however we are aiming to expand internationally.

We managed to develop important collaborations with Colombia, Ukraine, Italy, USA, Tunisia and many other countries around the globe.

The technical development of our application is based on a very lean methodology that allows quick modifications without regressions. This allowed us to set up many foreign versions of our software.

7- What do you think are the big challenges ahead for the profession in France?

The main challenge will be to make all dentists in France become supporters of new technologies and convert them to « e-dentists ».

It is obvious that digitization has been evolving at a fast pace in recent years and it is highly likely that it will conquer the entire world of dentistry.

Dentists must follow this path in order to remain relevant especially since the current requirements of the sector are constantly changing.

8- What are your news and where could we find you?

This year we are focusing on exchanges and meetings, we will be present at many events around the world such as:

Europerio 9 from 20th to 23rd June in Amsterdam, the Congress of the Guided Surgery Academy on 30th June, the EAO from 11th to 13th October and the ADF from 27th November to 1st December 2018.

9- Any last words?

Our vision at Perioline is to make a strong contribution to the continuous improvement of the profession and to bring oral and periodontal health to the fore.

I wish for a bright future for « technological » odontology.

CAD / CAM, mechanized endodontics, lasers, 3D radiology, stem cells, dental software … have no other purpose than to facilitate our day-to-day practice.

In France unfortunately, there has always been a great resistance to change.

Practitioners do not want to leave their comfort zone and digital has never been one of their priorities, it is high time that we changed this mentality for our good and that of patients.

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