5 points that will make you switch to cloud in your dental practice

More and more frequently we are hearing about the digital revolution which is embedding the routine of dentistry and sweeping the dental practice.

Dentists are facing everyday a huge number of new technologies that can improve their efficiencies and reduce the stress in their office. Those who do not move forward with these technologies will find themselves backing down and losing value.

One of the most promising trends of IT in the last years is cloud computing. The concept has already caught fire in dentistry and dental practices are increasingly moving to the Cloud for their office management software. With the cloud, all the practice files are stored on a remote online server and can be accessed via the Internet.

Not in the cloud yet ? What are you waiting for ?

Here are 5 reasons that will convince you to make the BIG CHANGE.

1- Security :

For dentists, securing patient files must be the first function of data storage.
Security is at the heart of cloud computing and far safer than a server locked in the practice storeroom.

2- Easy to use :

All you need is a personnal computer and a web browser.
You can use any device. Whether you lean toward PC or Mac, it doesn’t matter. Cloud computing is browser based, not platform based.

3- No backups anymore :

The cloud system handles all backup operations. No more rotating external hard-drives or data tapes. Cloud-based software is backed up automatically multiple times a day.

4- Anytime, anywhere access :

Access your practice’s data, from any location with an Internet connection.
It means you won’t stay late at the office anymore to work on your patients’cases , you can do it wherever you are even at home.

5- Disaster recovery :

If your PC or Mac is suddenly broken and you haven’t saved yet, you will still have full access to all of your data. Cloud computing assure data restoration.

Perioline saves all your data on a safely stores your patients-files through secured data centers, in your country. You can also import your data locally at any given moment.

In today’s time, it’s defintely essentiel to embrace the cloud technology so make the big jump and join Perioline Community.

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