Light on: The Electronic signature

The era of hand written signature on paper is coming to an end. Digital has modified the dentistry world landscape.
It has recently occupied our daily life and has become a technological tool, that has become a necessity.

How and why should we use the electronic signature?

In order to clarify its definition, an electronically signed document is similar to a document hand signed, but it embodies a digital sign which assures the authenticity of the signatory and the authenticity of the document, through time.
The hand signature, is generally known for being indecipherable, so the advantage of the electronic signature is that it is done by computerized systems.

What does law specify?

In the medical sector, the application of the electronic signature is specified by the document: LAB 09 of 2008.

An article of the decree underlines that: the accuracy of an electronic process is accepted, unless contrary proven, when this process of secure electronic signature, is established due to secure means of electronic signature creation and that checking of this signature relies on the use of a qualified electronic certificate.

Nevertheless, the French law keeps certain specificities :

First of all, article 25-2 of eIDAS legislation establishes a real principle of equality: “the legal effect of a qualified electronic signature is equal to that of a hand signature.” The French law goes further by giving the qualified electronic signature the presumption of accuracy that a hand signature doesn’t have.

How can we benefit from the electronic signature?

Today, by putting in place an electronic signature system for medical balances and admissions, for example, health professionals can accelerate administrative documents process and reduce errors, while saving printing and file costs.

For patients, the signature experience is slightly modified. While keeping the same natural gesture the patients have to write their signature on the familiar environment of a screen, without realizing the technical complexity behind it.

And Periosystem in all this?

Periosystem software chose to integrate electronic signature for patient’s medical balance on an accurate and secure basis, to be always at the peak of technology and increase customers’ satisfaction.

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